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The largest city in the country on the bank of the Pacific Ocean is located on the slopes of the hills in the Golden Horn Bay – the most picturesque place in the city.
For more than a hundred years the Egersheld lighthouse is the main orienting point. It is located at the end of a narrow sea spit.
On the highest point of the city – the Eagle’s Nest Hill – there is a funicular. During the trip, you may enjoy the view of Vladivostok.
Among the places of interest of the city are the Sea and Railway stations – an observation view and a beautiful historical building. The kilometer column 9288 symbolizes the end of the Trans-Siberian Railway. The architectural and cultural heritage of the city also includes еру Lutheran church of St. Paul, the Triumph Arch, built in honor of the tsarevich’s Nicholas arrival in the city. You may get acquainted with the submarine S-56 and the sailing and screw schooner «Red Pennant» and learn the history of the Pacific Fleet.
In the littoral aquarium built in the form of a clamshell more than 500 species of marine and freshwater animals are represented.
The Russian Bridge connects the island of the same name, where the multifunctional campus of the Far Eastern Federal University is located, with mainland Vladivostok. No less grandiose structure – the modern symbol of the city – is the Golden Bridge over the Golden Horn Bay with unusual pylons in the form of the letter V.
Summer: +17C/62.6F
Winter: -12C/10.4F
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