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Golden Ring

About destination

The Golden Ring Route is the famous Russian touristic itinerary, demanded all year round. It includes the incredible “collection” of medieval towns situated northeast of Moscow not far from each other. It is possible to visit all of them or choose several and spend a nice weekend there.
All towns of the Golden Ring Route are precious open-air historical museums. Each of them has its own character, places of interest and folk crafts.
For example, Vladimir is one of the oldest Russian towns, founded in 1108. Suzdal is the treasury of beautiful churches. Sergiev Posad is known for the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Yaroslavl is a lovely town on the bank of the great Volga River. Kostroma is a place where the first Tsar from the Romanov’s family was born. And Rostov Velikiy is a pearl of Golden Ring with the ancient wonderful Kremlin, inimitable iconography and elegant enamel masterpieces.
Summer: +17C/62.6F
Winter: -12C/10.4F
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