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About Us

Our history

On the 12 April 1929 – 90 years ago, the first travel company «Intourist» was created in the Soviet Union. The main task of the new company was to attract foreign tourists to Russia and to provide them with the best possible accommodation, transportation, excursions and souvenir sales.
1939 — during the 10 year existence of Intourist, 1 million (!) tourists visited the Soviet Union.
1956 — about half a million foreign citizens from 84 countries — 5 times more than during the pre-war decade — visited the Soviet Union. And more than one million Soviet people went abroad in the same year. All these customers travelled with Intourist.


Best of a destination
For more than 92 years of experience in incoming tourism we put together the best itineraries for all our destinations. You can trust us to show you the most important and interesting of the directions with the help of professional experienced guides.
Best rates
We have strong relationships with local suppliers and reliable tourism partners, which provide us best rates for their services to reduce the overall cost of your holiday.
We provide comprehensive required services for our tourists, such as accommodation, transfers, transportation, exclusive activities, tour guides, day tours, night tours or any tourism-related matter. We may also arrange optional activities on request.
Intourist is officially registered in the Federal Registry of Tour Operators. It means that we are legally permitted to make tour packages for our foreign partners having all required agreements with local suppliers. We offer our guests only the best hotels, restaurants, museums, collaborate with transport companies and guides with an impeccable reputation and so on. We provide guarantees for our services.
High level service and customer approach
Intourist maintains a commitment to quality and high level of services. The company provides a tailor-made approach to each tourist and meets the demands of its clients and partners. We always make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the result of our work.
Safety and Health
Intourist cooperates only with those suppliers who comply with all measures against COVID-19 approved by Rospotrebnadzor. The company is also a member of the Safe Travels Discover Moscow and Safe Travels Saint-Petersburg programs. It means that we follow all sanitary standards, and our guests feel safe and secure.

Discover Russia with Intourist like never before

Our Values

Intourist understands the importance of providing a high level service
We work only with reliable suppliers, providing the best services for our clients on the basis of competitive rates
In the conditions of competitive market, we understand the need of being flexible and diverse
Intourist focuses on customer satisfaction in order to create a long-term sustainable business with the potential for growth
Intourist will do everything for its clients to help them feel unique
Intourist fully informs customers about products and services and ensure their complete satisfaction. The programme you see on the paper will be fully completed in life
Intourist experienced staff will take care of your clients
By implementing to life the main values of our company we help our clients to discover Russia with Intourist


For organization of services Intourist enters in more than 6000 agreements with suppliers annually, including hotels, catering enterprises, transport companies, museums, theatres and other tourism objects.
Intourist provides the whole complex of services, which includes:

Intourist provides the whole complex of services, which includes:

Accommodation in hotels of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and other cities of the Russian Federation
Transfers and other tourist transportation
Train and air tickets
Professional multilingual licensed guides and interpreters
Conference packages
Group package tours

Intourist in Numbers

More than
years in business
More than
agreements with suppliers annually
More than
thousand of foreign clients annually
Providing services for tourists from more than
countries annually
Participation in more than
tourism exhibitions annually
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