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  Northern Russia. Solovetsky Isles

Northern Russia. Solovetsky Isles 

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General information

Solovetsky monastery on island.

Saint-Petersburg — Petrozavodsk — Belomorsk — Saint-Petersburg

Feel the contrast between the westernized Saint-Petersburg and traditional way of life North-West of the second Russian capital. Come see the fascinating Saint-Petersburg called the North Venice, with its pompous palaces, romantic canals and drawbridges. Then take a brake from the noise of the big city and experience the hospitality of local people in Petrozavodsk and Belomorsk. Compare baroque masterpieces of Saint-Petersburg and its suburbs with Old Russian wooden architecture of Kizhi and white stone architecture of Solovetsky monastery. Get an out door experience and discover the wild nature of Russian North-West by visiting Kivatch, the second largest flat land waterfall in Europe.

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