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Stop being under pressure - visit Russia

Though the pandemic isn't over, it becomes clear that obeying all the Covid-19 rules and special restrictions makes travelling quite possible. If you choose Russia your next destination, here are some questions that may have worried you and all useful information you may need.

Is it safe to go to Russia now, when the Covid-19 epidemic isn't over yet?

It is absolutely safe to go to Russia if you follow not complicated but strict rules due to Covid-19. You should have your PCR test done, in all public places wearing a mask and a pair of medical gloves. Try to keep the distance with other people if possible. In almost every shop, drug store and, of course, in every subway station you can sanitize your hands. You can be sure, that any hotel you stay in, obeys all the rules and measures too.

Is it obligatory to have a PCR test for travelling to Russia?

Yes, to board a flight, foreign nationals travelling to the airports of the Russian Federation, including passengers in transit via airports in the Russian Federation, must present a medical document (certificate) with a negative Covid-19 PCR test result in Russian or English. This test must have been taken no more than 3 calendar days (including the date of arrival) prior to arrival to Russian Federation.

Is a PCR test needed when checking in?

It depends on the city or region. Mostly a tourist must have a special inquiry (no older than 3 days) that confirms a tourist didn't have any contact with an infected person. But in the hotels of Moscow region, Buryatia, Dagestan, the Ivanovo region, the Kamchatka region, Karelia, the Krasnodar region, the Murmansk region, the Pskov region and Sevastopol tourists are checked in only if vaccinated.

Is a PCR test needed when leaving Russia?

Before leaving Russian Federation, foreign nationals must present negative PCR test result to be able to get to the plane. Without negative PCR test passengers won't be allowed on board.

In what places should the masks be worn?

Practically in all the public places. A tourist can take the mask off in his hotel room and when walking the street (if it's not too crowded). In all the transport, shops and shopping malls, drug stores, public offices, museums, galleries, cinemas, etc. - it is strictly obligatory to wear a mask.

Is it possible to visit places like museums, galleries, etc.?

Yes, it is still possible. The only thing to remember is to put on the needed equipment (mask, gloves) and trying to keep the distance with other visitors (all the seats in public places are permitted to occupy next but one).

What are the tourist's steps if after all got the positive test before leaving?

If a tourist gets infected, they will be taken to the Covid targeted hospital for further curing. Then, if a PCR test is negative, they can freely go back home.

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