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Saint Petersburg greets football fans

So, UEFA has finally and successfully started! We all have been waiting for so long and it is really very noticeable. It seems like the fans now are more emotional, the players are more insatiable for playing and winning the Championship and the results are more unpredictable.

For example, the Slovakian football team firstly wasn't one of the much-fancied sides. But look at the results, after the last game - Slovakia-Poland - it was the Slovakian team who won the game and scored 2:1. Of course, we all can imagine how happy the fans were. Luckily, Intourist could share the joy of those days with all the Slovakian tourists in Saint Petersburg. We really welcomed them warmly and wanted to make their stay in Northern capital as pleasant as possible.

Apart from the great emotions after the match, the Slovakian tourists took part in amazing excursions prepared for them by Intourist. The cultural immersion was really intense but informative and, we hope, unforgettable. Our welcomed visitors made an incomparable to anything else journey to Petergof and Kronshtadt by Hydrofoil. The feeling of like flying above the water gives great emotions and possibility to take lots of good photos. The Slovakian tourists liked Saint Petersburg itself too, as they were walking a lot, doing sightseeing and listening about historical events. The excursion included visiting the Peter and Paul Fortress, which made quite a huge impression on our guests.

So, we can't but repeat how happy Intourist was to welcome all the Slovakian football fans in Saint Petersburg. Our Northern capital was completely and fully ready for the stay of all the football lovers. Despite many restrictions because of Covid-19, our guests had a great, joyful and safe stay both at the match and during the city exploring too. Intourist really hopes, that all the fans are completely happy because of this journey and that they will repeat their travelling to our country for another portion of great and unforgettable memories!

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