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Catch Michelin Stars in Moscow

Great news for those who want new impressions! Moscow becomes a new Michelin culinary destination. From now on you can reveal in the capital of Russia not only architectural and historical wonders but also gastronomic treasures, mentioned in the most reputable food guide. We are glad to announce THE FIRST MICHELIN TOUR in Russia which will include exquisite meals in the excellent Moscow restaurants. You may check the info about a new tour on the Intourist website:

You might know that to be published in Michelin Red Guide for the restaurant is like getting an Oscar for an actor. It’s the most famous gastronomic guide in the world which can make or break a restaurant’s success. About a year ago the International Director of the Michelin Guides announced: “We are particularly enthusiastic about introducing Moscow to foodies! This mysterious and timeless capital city is a culinary gem that showcases not only local Russian products but also the wonderful diversity of world cuisine.”

The arrival of Michelin guide in Moscow is a big event both for tourists and locals. Why?

One of Moscow well-known restorators Rappaport explained, that the appearance of Michelin guide allows raising the quality of cuisine because the restaurants are going to have serious competition. It will open up a city in a new way for the tourists and help the food lovers make an informed choice from high-quality places to eat. For about a hundred years chefs from many countries have been trying to receive a star for their restaurants which is a very difficult task. Moscow chefs have 'caught' their stars recently for the first time, now we know the names of the lucky ones. Two Moscow restaurants got two stars, seven restaurants - one star and many were marked by different awards. The main criteria for getting into a guide is the quality of cuisine. The skills and creativity of the chef play a big role. Michelin is an approval of a chef’s mastery, an award which not every chef may deserve. It’s mentioned on the official Michelin guide page, that “The Guide’s inspectors have been impressed by the variety of Russia’s culinary heritage and the commitment of its chefs to offering authentic cuisine built around exceptional local products.”

High gastronomy is not only a source for taste discoveries. It reflects the culture. People come to the recommended restaurants for impressions as they come to an art gallery. In the tourism industry, we know by our own experience how important it is to keep polishing up your skill. Like chefs invent dishes we are creating new tours for you. And the stars for the company are the positive feedbacks from our guests.
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