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Sport, Entertainment, Music Events in Vladimir Region! From June, 14 to July, 15 2018 



1. Sports Festival in honour of The 2018 FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony
June, 14. Vladimir

2. Deaf Championship and Deaf World Championship (Greco-Roman wrestling, free-style wrestling)
June, 1119. Vladimir

3. Off-road vehicle Festival "Melenkovskiy Proryv"
June, 1517. Melenki region

4. "50+ Football" - Healthy lifestyle Festival
June, 1823.Towns of  Vladimir region

5. The 35th European and The 7th Russian Open Ploughing Championship
June, 2324. Suzdal region

6. Festival of national traditions, Russian sports and martial arts "Competition of Heroes".
June, 2324. Suzdal region, Vladimir, Torpedo sports club

7. All-Russian Festival "Up and running" among football fans
June, 26-28. Vladimir

8. International Boxing Event.
June, 29 July, 1. Vladimir, Kovrov town, Murom town

9. Cycling Festival Bicycle racing Summer 2018
July, 68. Suzdal town

10. Interregional Family Chess Event
July, 78. Murom town

11. Sports Day and the Gala concert in honour of The 2018 FIFA World cup Closing Ceremony
July, 15. Vladimir


l. Russia Day Celebration "Come on, Russia!" Concerts, flash-mobs, cultural events in Vladimir region's towns
June, 12. Towns of Vladimir region

2. Historical Festival "Vivat, Russia!"
June, 12. Aleksandrov region, historical landscape "German mountains"

3. Literary and Musical Festival "Singer of Vladimir's country roads"
June, 14. Sobinka region, Alepino village

4. Samovar Festival.
June, 16. Gorokhovets town, the Ershov's House, the Shovin's Palace

5. Traditional Festival "Egor's early dew Day"
June, 16. Yuriev-Polskiy town

6. Bast shoes Day
June, 16. Suzdal town

7. The 27th Tsvetayeva's Festival.
June, 1824. Aleksandrov town

8. "Return to the Past" Festival
June, 23. Kovrov region

9. Wedding Rites Interactive Festival "Round dance of ancient Yaropolch"
June, 23. Vyazniki town

10. Youth Day
June, 2730. Towns of Vladimir region

11. Axe Carving Festival
June, 2730. Suzdal town

12. Shepherd's horn Day "How well shepherd's horn plays"
June, 30. Kameshki region, Mishnevo village

13. Chocolate Day
July, 1. Pokrov town

14. Vladimir Dawn Farmer Festival. Milk Day
July, 67. Petushki region, Krutovo village, The agricultiral tourist complex "Bogdarnya"

15. Ivan Kupala Day
July, 7. Suzdal town

16. Pea Day
July, 7. Gorokhovets town

17. All-Russian Day of Family, Love and Fidelity
July, 7. Murom town

18. International Cucumber Day
July, 14. Suzdal town

19. Cherry Feast Day in the Patriarchal Garden
July, 15. Vladimir city, "Patriarchal Garden"

20. Live site's work for football fans.
From June, 14 to July, 15. Vladimir city, Georgievskaya vehicle free street


1. "Musical expedition" Festival
June, 1117. Vladimir city, Vladimir region

2. The Bolshoi Theatre's Orchestra concert in the Dobrograd's summer theatre
June, 23. Kovrov region, Dobrograd town

3. Creative summer school's Festival of the New Names Fund "Denis Matsuev invites...";
June, 2830. Suzdal town

4. International Blues-Bike Festival.
June, 29 July,1. Suzdal town

5. Interregional Folk Festival "The Fern".
July, 7. Aleksandrov region, Legkovo village by the side of the Seraya river

6. Festival for Bard music fans "Midpoint of Summer"
July, 13-15. Gorokhovets town, by the side of the Klyazma river near the archeological monument "Lysaya Gora";

Vladimir region has the richest historical heritage. There are wonderful places, ancient towns, hospitable people and good atmosphere in Vladimir region.
The Vladimir list of events is included in The 2018 FIFA World Cup's cultural programme.
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