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Top 10 attractions in Russia, award-winning Travelers' Choice 


Orthodox Church in St. Petersburg was in the leading group attractions, award-winning Travelers' Choice by TripAdvisor. - says National Geographic Russia
The rating included 712 sites from around the world. Separate lists were compiled for Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, South America, South Pacific, UK and USA.
The annual ranking is compiled based on millions of reviews and opinions submitted by travelers on TripAdvisor.
The winners were determined using an algorithm that takes into account the quality and quantity of reviews of attractions in different countries of the world, left on the site during the preceding 12 months.
The Church of the Savior on spilled Blood took 12th place in the list of the most important attractions of the world. In the European ranking it has rounded out the top five, where were the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Cathedral of St. Peter in Vatican, Milan's Cathedral and the Eiffel tower (Paris).

Top 10 attractions in Russia, award-winning Travelers' Choice:
1. The Church of the Savior on spilled Blood Saint Petersburg
2. Red square Moscow
3. Grand Palace Peterhof
4. Museum complex of St. Isaac's Cathedral Saint Petersburg
5. Pokrovsky Cathedral (St. Basil's Cathedral Moscow
6. Catherine Palace and Park Pushkin
7. Kazan Kremlin Kazan
8. Palace square St. Petersburg
9. Naval Cathedral Of St. Nicholas Kronshtadt
10. The bridge on the Russian island Vladivostok

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