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  Hotels in Russia

Hotels in Moscow 

There is a wide variety of hotels in Russia. International chains are well presented throughout the country, there are also numerous small family owned hotels and those belonging to the National chains. To see the list of the hotels offered by Intourist, please choose the city you wish to visit.
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Godunov Hotel is located in Moscow, a 5-minute walk from Trubnaya and Kuznetsky Most Metro Stations.
DBL: 8695 RUB (~133 $)    

Apartment On Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 31
DBL: 12539 RUB (~191 $)    

2 Rooms Apartment On Povarskaya, 27
DBL: 7524 RUB (~115 $)    

Located in close proximity to the business center "White Square", as well as metro Belarusskaya and Belarusskaya railway station. Sheremetyevo airport is 30 km away.
DBL: 6605 RUB (~101 $)    

Sovietsky Hotel
The nearest metro stations — Dynamo, Belorusskaya.

Studio On Povarskaya, 27
DBL: 7524 RUB (~115 $)    

Matreshka Hotel is located in the historical center of Moscow and occupies four floors of a unique historical and architectural complex of Chinese merchant Khludov’s baths built in 1891. TSUM Shopping Centre is 5 minutes’ walk from the hotel, the Red Square with the Saint Basil’s Cathedral is 10 minutes’ walk and the Bolshoi Theatre is 5 minutes’ walk away. There are 5 metro stations next to the hotel: "Lubyanka", "Kuznetskiy most", "Ploshad’ Revolutsii", "Theatral’naya", "Okhotniy Ryad". Sheremetyevo International Airport – 35 km, Domodedovo International Airport – 46 km, Vnukovo International Airport – 33 km.
DBL: 5552 RUB (~85 $)    

Concept Hotel
DBL: 5351 RUB (~82 $)    

Moss Boutique hotel
MOSS Boutique Hotel is tucked in a quiet alley in a historic center of Moscow – Krivokolennyi Lane, between two main streets with one of the highest walking score in the city: Myasnitskaya street and Pokrovka street. Nearest subway stations are “Lubyanka”, “Chistye Prudy” and “Kitay-gorod”. MOSS – SVO – 27 KM MOSS - DME – 42 KM MOSS - VKO - 28 KM MOSS – Leningradsky Railway Station – 3 КМ

Sunflower Avenue Hotel Moscow
DBL: 6354 RUB (~97 $)    

Godunov, 4 stars
Apartment On Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 31, stars
2 Rooms Apartment On Povarskaya, 27, stars
Ampir, 3 stars
Sovietsky Hotel, 4 stars
Studio On Povarskaya, 27, stars
Matreshka, 3 stars
Concept Hotel, 3 stars
Moss Boutique hotel, 5 stars
Sunflower Avenue Hotel Moscow, 3 stars
Netizen Hostel, 2 stars
Stoleshnikov Boutique Hotel, 3 stars
Yunost, 3 stars
Izmailovo Gamma, 3 stars
Sherston, 3 stars
Tourist Service Centre ( Kolomenskoe), 3 stars
Izmailovo Delta, 4 stars
Tourist Hotel, 3 stars
Vega Izmailovo, 4 stars
Sevastopol Modern, 3 stars
Maxima Hotel Zarya, 3 stars
Mitino, 3 stars
Aerostar Hotel, 4 stars
Moscow Holiday Hotel, 4 stars
Maxima Hotel Irbis, 3 stars
Intourist Kolomenskoe, 4 stars
Budapest Hotel, 4 stars
Art Hotel, 3 stars
Borodino Hotel, 4 stars
Milan Hotel, 4 stars
Maxima Hotel Panorama, 3 stars
Los Hotel, 3 stars
Sokol, 3 stars
Aerotel Domodedovo, 3 stars
Azimut Moscow Tulskaya, 3 stars
Azimut Hotel Smolenskaya Moscow, 4 stars
Aquarium Hotel ( Crocus Expo), 3 stars
Alfa, 4 stars
Sretenskaya Hotel, 4 stars
Garden Ring Hotel, 4 stars
SK Royal Moscow, 4 stars
Skolkovo Pamir, 4 stars
Skolkovo Tyan_Shyan, 4 stars
Assambleya Nikitskaya, 4 stars
Hotel Pushkin, 4 stars
Arium , 4 stars
Astrus Central Tourist House, 4 stars
Palmira Business Club, 4 stars
Brosko, 4 stars
Ambassadori, 4 stars
Kadashevskaya, 4 stars
Korston Hotel, 4 stars
Mandarin, 4 stars
Bagration, 3 stars
Petr 1 Hotel, 5 stars
Chekhoff Hotel Moscow (former Golden Apple Boutique Hotel), 5 stars
Russian Seasons Boutique Hotel, 5 stars
Planernoe, 3 stars
Standart, 5 stars
Veliy Hotel Mokhovaya, 3 stars
Cosmos Hotel, 3 stars
Savoy Hotel, 5 stars
Arbat Hotel, 3 stars
President Hotel, 4 stars
Mamaison Pokrovka Suite Hotel, 5 stars
Aminevskaya Hotel, 3 stars
Salyut Hotel, 4 stars
Maxima Hotel Slavia, 3 stars


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