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  Hotels in Russia

Hotels in Suzdal 

There is a wide variety of hotels in Russia. International chains are well presented throughout the country, there are also numerous small family owned hotels and those belonging to the National chains. To see the list of the hotels offered by Intourist, please choose the city you wish to visit.
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Located in the historical center of Suzdal, in the immediate vicinity of ancient monuments, trade centres, administrative buildings
DBL: 6354 RUB (~87 $)    

DBL: 5970 RUB (~82 $)    

Hot Springs
DBL: 7190 RUB (~98 $)    

Suzdal Inn
DBL: 6180 RUB (~84 $)    

Knyazhii Dvor
DBL: 5518 RUB (~75 $)    

Svetlyi Terem
DBL: 6653 RUB (~91 $)    

Nikolaevskiy Posad
Conveniently located in the heart of the Golden Ring of Russia - Suzdal, on a spacious preserve area surrounded by ancient churches and monasteries; the hotel complex consists of 8 two-story buildings each with an art gallery, steam bath, 3x6 m pool, gym and solarium
SNGL: 4387 RUB (~60 $)    DBL: 5230 RUB (~71 $)    

Distance from the airport Sheremetevo 187 km.
SNGL: 4448 RUB (~61 $)    DBL: 4943 RUB (~67 $)    

Pushkarsakya Sloboda
The hotel complex is situated in the south-west of Suzdal 0.5 km from the city center, on the bank of the Kamenka River, at a short distance from Museum of Wooden Architecture and the city KremlinThe nearest railway station - 30 km
SNGL: 5233 RUB (~71 $)    DBL: 5941 RUB (~81 $)    

Suzdal Townhouse
Distance from the airport: Domodedovo 39, Sheremetevo 187.
SNGL: 5902 RUB (~81 $)    DBL: 5902 RUB (~81 $)    

Sokol, 3 stars
Kremlevskiy, 4 stars
Hot Springs, 3 stars
Suzdal Inn, stars
Knyazhii Dvor, stars
Svetlyi Terem, stars
Nikolaevskiy Posad, 5 stars
Suzdal, 3 stars
Pushkarsakya Sloboda, 3 stars
Suzdal Townhouse, 2 stars


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