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Monument “Motherland calls”.

Volgograd is one of the most beautiful ancient cities in Russia. It is located in the south-eastern European part of Russia. The city was built as a fortress on the right bank of the Volga. The date of birth of the city is July 2, 1589.

Volgograd, better known as Stalingrad, is the site of the most important battle of the World War Two. Certainly, the two main monuments of the city are related to the war: the giant “Motherland” sculpture and the panoramic museum dedicated to the famous Battle of Stalingrad. There are other monuments in the city as well, including the Kazan Cathedral, the “Old Sarepta”.

Now Volgograd is the administrative centre of the Volgograd region. This is one of the most important industrial, economic, cultural and historical centers in Russia. Volgograd is a major tourist center. It is a monument-city and a hero-city, visited by hundreds of thousands of Russian and foreign tourists. They are attracted by Volgagrad’s nature, mineral springs, spa and health resorts, along with the rich and glorious history.

Central Quay and river station in the city of Volgograd.


Volgograd is a large transport junction connecting city with Caucasus, Donbas area of Ukraine, Moscow city and Siberia regions of Russia. Volgograd is located at Volga-Don Canal eastern end. The longest European route (E40) (from Calais of France to Ridder of Kazakhstan) goes through the city.  It is a strategic transport hub, the crossroads of major railroads and federal motor roads, transnational air routes and water systems providing river and sea transportations via Volga-Don channel.

The city has a well developed transportation network: buses, trolleybuses, trams, minibuses and taxi, and also Russia's only underground tram system. In Volgograd, there is an airport and railway station, and Europe's largest river port. Two federal highways also pass through the city.

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