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Early morning in Syktyvkar.

Syktyvkar is located on the Sysola River, which is the origin of its former name Ust-Sysolsk. The city's current name comes from “Syktyv”, the Komi name for the same river and “kar”, meaning “city”. The town is located near to the point where the Sysola joins the larger Vychegda River, which is itself a branch of the Northern Dvina.

Syktyvkar is a social and business center of the Republic of Komi. It is the industrial center in the north of Russia. There are about 40 big plants in Syktyvkar, one third of them have a state-importance status. Since the 1960s, the city's economy has focused on the timber industry and includes the production of cellulose, paper, and wood furniture. Sykyvkar is one of the largest scientific centers in the European North of Russia. There are about 30 research institutions in the city.

The climate in Syktyvkar is continental, with a long severe winter and a short warm summer.

Because of its extreme northerly location the city has few transportation links; it is the final station on a rail spur from the city of Mikun. There are train stations “Syktyvkar”, “Chovyu” (industrial juncture), “Koity”, a passenger platform “Ezhva” as well as an airport. Now a new airport 30 km away from Syktyvkar city is under construction.

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