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General information

Wooden church in Suzdal.

City at a glance
Suzdal is a calm old Russian town situated 220 km north-east of Moscow, 38 kilometers north from the city Vladimir, on the Kamenka river. Population of the town is about 12 thousand people.

Suzdal is one of Russia's oldest cities, dating back to 1024. It was once the capital of several Russian principalities and has many examples of early Russian architecture. It is probably the one of the most interesting cities of Golden ring with 200 monuments of history and architecture, 20 ponds, 27 belltowers and 4 pearls of Russian culture taken in UNESCO World Heritage list. Today Suzdal operates as an important tourist center with nearly 1 mln tourists visiting the town annually. Suzdal is officially protected from the industries, so the old monasteries and beautiful churches standing on picturesque green hills are kept well.

The climate is continental, with warm temperature in the summer (+20°C) and usual  temperature in winter about -15°C. The local time (GMT +3) are the same as in Moscow.

There are no air-flights and no trains going to Suzdal. So the best way to get there is the organized bus tour. The other way is to reach the city by car or by bus. There is only one daily bus from Moscow's Shelkovskaya Bus station and some occasional shuttles going from Kursky Train station. Alternative way is to first visit Vladimir and then take a bus from there (departures every 30 minutes).

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