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Ladia — the simbol of Samara.

Samara is now one of the largest industrial cities of Russia. It lies along the Volga River at the latter's confluence with the Samara River. The life of Samara's citizens has always been intrinsically linked to the Volga river, which has not only served as the main commercial route, but also has great visual appeal. Samara's river-front is one of the favorite recreation places for local citizens and tourists. After the Soviet novelist Vasily Aksyonov visited Samara, he remarked: “I am not sure where in the West one can find such a long and beautiful embankment. Possibly only around Lake Geneva”.

A French writer Alexander Dumas had paid a visit here in 1858. In 1859 he wrote the book “From Paris to Astrakhan” after his travel where he left his description of Samara. Great mud on the river's bank destroyed his plans to go on an excursion around Samara.
Samara surroundings have always been very popular with the artists. Many works of Repin — one of the most famous surreal art masters of the second half of the 19th century were inspired by the local nature and landscapes. Lev Tolstoy was absolutely charmed by the Zavolzhie steppes, climate and people. He had an estate here and after the “War and Peace” was finished, he was coming here with his family every year.
Samara is a leading industrial center in the Volga Area, and is among the top ten Russian cities in terms of national income and industrial volume.

The Monument of Glory.

Samara has a continental climate characterized by hot summers and cold winters.


In 1890 konka (horse-railway line) was built. In 1914 – 1915 it was converted into Samara tramway. The steel railway's bridge was built in 1880 near Samara and named after Alexander the II because it was opened on the great Russian emperor’s birthday. In 1991  4 stations of Samara subway were opened. Samara has always  been a great transport center because it is standing on the intersection of many commercial ways on the Volga. Many transport routes cross here: railways Moscow — Syberia, Moscow — the Caucasus, the Urals — South and the river way along the Volga to the Caspian sea. The first steamer “Volga” visited Samara in 1846. Samara railway station was opened in 1876.

There is a Kurumoch International Airport  in Samara. Airport “Samara” is the air gateway of Samara and Togliatti. Kurumoch International Airport is the largest and busiest airport of the Central Volga region and ranks among Russia's top ten airports. It has an extensive route network to practically all the regions of the Russian Federation as well as neighbouring and distant countries.There are regular flights to Frankfurt, Prague, Sharjah, Tel Aviv, Sharm El-Sheikh and other destinations. Within the air terminal there is a hotel, a guarded parking, a restaurant.

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