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  Discover Russia

Discover Russia 

Find out more about Russian Economics, Culture, Religion, Nature, Climat and History. Look at different maps and discover unknown Russia with Intourist.
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Discover Russia – the largest country in the world that spreads for thousands kilometers though Europe and Asia covering 1/7 of all the land of the planet and crossing 11 time zones. Discover the hospitality of people and high-quality services of hotels in Russia. Discover the great culture of the country combining elements of West and East civilizations. Discover old Russian cities with their historical monuments, magnificent churches and monasteries, Tzar palaces, museums and galleries. Discover the urban spirit and vibrant social life of big cities with numerous nightclubs, concerts, shows, festivals.

Discover interesting facts about Russians.

Siberia covers more than 3/4 of the whole country, but less than 25% of population lives here. Most part of nearly 142 mln. Russian citizens live in European part of the country where largest cities are situated. Russia is a very urban country. The absolute majority of population (>73%) live in towns and cities, 11 Russian cities exceeding population of 1 mln. people. The biggest city in Russia and even in Europe is Moscow with ~11 mln. people, then goes Saint-Petersburg (~4.6 mln.) and Novosibirsk (1.4 mln.). There is a good choice of hotels in Russia that can suit any taste.

Moscow Saint-Peterburg Kazan

Central Russia

Moscow, heart of Russia
Golden Ring of Old Russian cities
Russian jewels in one box

Nothern Russia

Saint-Petersburg, the Nord Venice
Solovki Monestery
Residence of Ded Moroz (Russian Santa)

Southern Russia

Land of Russian Cossacs
Olympics 2014

Eastern Russia

The Great Siberian Way: West meets East
Beauty of world’s deepest Baikal lake
Far East
Extraordinary landscapes of Kamchatka

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