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Bear — symbol of Perm Krai.

Perm is a capital of Perm Krai (region), located 1140 km away from Moscow. Capital’s population is about 1 million people, while population of Perm Krai reaches 3 million people. The region is located in the east of the East European Plain and in the western slopes of the Middle and Northern Urals at the joint of Europe and Asia. The mileage of Perm Krai from the north to the south is almost 650 km, from the west to the east — 420 km. Kama River divides the city into two parts, the central part and the right bank part, and it stretches for 70 km along the Kama and 40 km across it.

Multinational population of Perm Krai is a major factor of ethnographic tourism. Komi-permyaks, Udmurts, Khanty and Mansi have lived in the territory of Perm Krai since ancient times and have never lost their ethnical identity. Rich folklore, ethnography and culture reflect both local traditions and cultural traits of various regions of Russia. Historical and cultural heritage of Perm Krai is highly original and full of peculiarities; it is connected with indigenous population of the region, development of salt production and mining industry. Natural monuments attract many tourists.

World famous cultural phenomena — Perm animal style and Perm wooden sculpture — are presented in Perm Krai museum and Perm State Art Gallery. Products of animal style (compositions consolidating a man, animals and birds into fantastic beings) were used in cult ceremonies, worn as suit decorations and amulets.

Ice cave in Kungur.

Perm and Perm region offers boundless opportunities for active tourism. Snowy mountain slopes for skiing, mountain rivers — for rafting, forests — for walking and horse riding routes. The nature of the Perm region prepared a unique surprise for divers all over the world — Ordinsky cave, the longest in Russia (4500 meters), including practically all levels of complicacy in scuba diving. 

Perm Krai is the leading event tourism region in the Urals. Perm Krai is an exciting place for scientific tourism and for those, who are interested in anomalous events. Molebka settlement with mysterious “M-sky” triangle, “UFO spaceport” attract many Russian and foreign ufologists. There is no consistent explanation to those mysterious events that are going on in that part of Perm Krai.


The local time is 2 hours ahead of Moscow (GMT +5). Climate is moderately continental with warm summers and long, cold winters. The territory of Perm Krai is covered by zones of taiga and mixed forests. Forests cover more than 70% of the region. The region is almost completely located in the basin of the 1805 km long Kama River — major tributary of the Volga and one of the deepest and most picturesque rivers of Russia.


Avia-, railway and automobile connections are established with territories of Perm Krai, regions of Russia and foreign countries. Airplane is the most convenient way for tourists to get to the Perm region quickly enough. The main air gate of the region is Bolshoe Savino International Airport. It serves direct flights from Europe (8 hours 35 minutes from London or Paris) by planes of Lufthansa or Aeroflot, and domestic flights (1 hour 40 minutes from Moscow) by regional Perm Airlines, S7, Sky Express.

Two major railways — Sverdlovskaya and Gorkovskaya — cross Perm Krai. A number of Perm Krai towns are located along the Trans-Siberian railway. Tourist water routes to Astrakhan, Saint-Petersburg, Moscow and other cities and towns of Russia are being actively developed. Part of E22 higway (Kazan-Izhevsk-Perm-Ekaterinburgh) goes through the region.

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