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The Ural Mountains are the main natural landmark of the region. Their relief is ideal for rock-climbing and active winter sports. Another remarkable feature of Perm Krai is world famous ice cave located in Kungur. This is the only ice cave in Russia with organized excursions. One more remarkable is Ordinsky cave, which is attractive for fans of scuba diving. Moreover, Ordinsky cave is the longest underwater cave in Russia and the second longest underwater cave in Eurasia. It is the longest underwater plaster cave in the world. The water in Ordinsky cave is always +5C.

Nature created ideal conditions for health tourism in Perm. Resorts of the Perm Krai are well-known all over Russia. Famous “Ust-Kachka” resort is the largest recreational complex with unique therapeutic waters and modern diagnostic and medical equipment. “Klyuchi” resort is the oldest therapeutic establishment in the Urals with unique natural resources at its disposal: mineral water and peloids.

There are two natural reserves in Perm Krai: Vishersky and Baseghi. Visherski reserve, a most beautiful corner of the Northern Urals, fourth largest reserve in Europe, is located in the north-east of Krasnovishersky district. Mountain lakes with waterfalls and crystal clear transparent water can be found on the mountain slopes. There are more than 29 thousand rivers with total length of 90 thousand km in Perm Krai which are popular among rafters, fishers, amateurs and professionals of active water sports.

There are many monuments of traditional wooden architecture in and around Perm. Open-air museum “Khokhlovka” located 40 km away from Perm hosts 23 samples of wooden architecture: church, watchtower, salting furnace of saltworks, etc. Khokhlovka is also a place for activities related with traditional holidays, like Maslenitsa (Shrovetide),  Apple Feast Day, Bread Feast, or ethno-futuristic festival KAMWA.

Perm wooden sculpture is a remarkable cultural phenomenon, which has not yet revealed all the secrets of the past. Native people of Perm Krai stubbornly worshiped pagan gods, even after the adoption of Christianity in Russia. A carved, human-like god was much more understandable and less menacing for native people than traditional orthodox solemn icons. Moreover, Perm wooden gods had various expressions of their faces that were full of emotion and their facial features resemble those of the native population. The biggest collection of Perm wooden sculpture can be found in Perm State Art Gallery, where about 400 exhibits are located. There is a more “natural” place for an exhibition of Perm wooden sculpture – ancient Assumption Cathedral in the town of Cherdyn, where Faith History Museum is located. 

Perm Krai Museum.

The Perm State Art Gallery is one of the largest museums in the Urals, its collection exceeds 40 thousand works of Russian and European artists of the 15–20th centuries.  Museum houses collections of Antique ceramics, art of Ancient Egypt, Tibetan bronze, art of Japan, India and China. The pearl of the museum’s collection is unique Perm wooden sculpture.
Address: Komsomolsky av., 4
Tel.: +7 (342) 212–9524

Perm Krai Museum is the main museum of Perm Krai that exposes unique monuments of history and culture. Exhibition shows the history of the region since the Stone Age. Museum is famous for the collection of the world-famous Perm Animal Style objects. Detailed information about Perm Krai history is available at museum’s multimedia interactive screens.
Address: Ordzhonikidze street, 11
Tel.: +7 (342) 257–1806

River boat station. Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM.

Perm Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM was opened in 2008. PERMM is the «youngest» museum of Perm Krai. Exhibitions, poetic readings, workshops, shows and performances are organized there regularly. The museum is located in the River Boat Station, which has been specially restored. Perm State Art Gallery, Perm Krai Museum and Museum of Modern Art PERMM are situated in close proximity to each other and form a museum complex, which is very convenient for tourists and visitors. “The museum complex” is a unique path from the past of art to its future from history to modernity, “moving” the visitor from one epoch to another.
Address:, Ordzhonikidze Street, 2 (River Station Hall)
Tel.: +7 (342) 219–9172

The Perm State Opera and Ballet Theater named after Peter Tchaikovsky is famous in Russia and abroad. The ballet troupe of the theater  is considered to be one of the most impressive troupes in Russia, after Mariinsky theater and the Bolshoy theater. The opera in Perm is famous for its experiments in the field of opera singing and synthesis with different forms of art. World premieres of opera performances are presented on the opera stage.
The Perm State Opera and Ballet Theater.
Graduates of a renowned Perm ballet school and leading world ballet dancers perform on the theatre’s stage. International ballet contest “Arabesque” is held every 2 years. One more event is held with the same frequency — international festival “Dyagilev seasons: Perm — Petersburg — Paris”.
Address: Petropavlovskaya street, 25a.
Tel. +7 (342) 212–3087

Perm Academic Theater has staged more than 460 performances, since first premiere “The Battleship Potemkin” in 1927. The theater has changed many names, however one thing about the theater stayed permanent — the “revolutionary” approach to the stage performance. In 1990-s theater's repertoire listed more than 20 plays and the theater was awarded with many diplomas of various Russian and international festivals. Since 2004 the theater has been managed by Boris Milgram. The current repertoire comprises more than 25 performances by classical and contemporary playwrights.
Address: Lenin street, 53
Tel.: +7 (342) 236–4553

Tsar Cannon. The Rocket and artillery museum.

Rocket and artillery museum. Perm made a considerable contribution into the victory of the USSR over the nazi Germany. Perm region produced 25% of all artillery systems of the Soviet Army, as well as different kinds of military machines, helmets and other military ammunition. Open air exposition of one of the Perm factories’ Museum hosts the samples of guns, anti-aircraft guns, the armor and even ballistic missiles of different years.
Address: “Motovilikhinskiye zavody” factory, 1905 goda street
Tel: +7 (342) 260–7305, 260–7685

Stage-Molot is the youngest theater of Perm Krai, opened at the end of 2009. The theater stages plays by contemporary playwrights. It has no permanent troupe, actors of different theaters and companies participate in performances. Stage-Molot is a new cultural center and a place for different events: recitations, discussions and workshops, DJ-sets, etc.
Address: Lenina Street, 53
Tel.: +7 (342) 236–1092

Perm-36, Historical memorial center is located in Kuchino village, Chusovsky district of Perm Krai. It is the only Russia camp-museum of Gulag’s “Perm-36” jail.  Perm-36 is a member of the International coalition of Sites of Conscience. It is a worldwide network of sites of countries that broke up with the totalitarian past. The international forum Pilorama (Powersaw) takes place there annually in July. Pilorama is a forum where it is possible to discuss the past and future of Russia with witnesses of the Soviet history, foreign guests, human rights activists and public figures. The Forum features Russian and foreign songwriters’ performances, theater, music and film shows, exhibitions, etc.
Spoon museum.
Address: Dikiy island, Kuchino village, Chusobsky district of Perm Krai
Tel.: +7 (342) 212–6129

Spoon museum is one-of-a-kind in Russia that hosts a collection of spoons exceeding several thousand rare and unusual items. The 1 World War spoon, the spoons set for disabled persons, spoons for special use (a dipper, a skimmer, a spice spoon, brewing spoon), souvenir spoons, toy spoons — any kind of spoons from all over the world are collected there.
Address: Karla Marksa street, 68, Nytva town, Perm Krai
Tel.: +7 (34272) 309–46

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