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Suzdal Inn
DBL: 5739 RUB (~90 $)    

Located in the historical center of Suzdal, in the immediate vicinity of ancient monuments, trade centres, administrative buildings

AZIMUT Hotel Suzdal
SNGL: 5351 RUB (~84 $)    DBL: 6154 RUB (~96 $)    

SNGL: 6612 RUB (~104 $)    DBL: 7715 RUB (~121 $)    

Nikolaevskiy Posad
Conveniently located in the heart of the Golden Ring of Russia - Suzdal, on a spacious preserve area surrounded by ancient churches and monasteries; the hotel complex consists of 8 two-story buildings each with an art gallery, steam bath, 3x6 m pool, gym and solarium
SNGL: 7015 RUB (~110 $)    DBL: 8693 RUB (~136 $)    

Knyazhii Dvor
SNGL: 9114 RUB (~143 $)    

Svetlyi Terem
SNGL: 11037 RUB (~173 $)    DBL: 11783 RUB (~185 $)    

Pushkarsakya Sloboda
The hotel complex is situated in the south-west of Suzdal 0.5 km from the city center, on the bank of the Kamenka River, at a short distance from Museum of Wooden Architecture and the city KremlinThe nearest railway station - 30 km
DBL: 6064 RUB (~95 $)    

Suzdal Inn, stars
Sokol, 3 stars
AZIMUT Hotel Suzdal, 3 stars
Kremlevskiy, 4 stars
Nikolaevskiy Posad, 5 stars
Knyazhii Dvor, stars
Svetlyi Terem, stars
Pushkarsakya Sloboda, 3 stars


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