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View of the church of the Prophet Elijah from the Kamenka River.

The history of the town dates back to 1024. Prince Yuri Dolgoruky, known as a founder of Moscow, made Suzdal his regional capital in the 12th century. Suzal was a border fortress protecting Russian lands in the times of Kievan Rus. The Kremlin fortress still forms the historic heart of the town and contains its oldest houses. For centuries it functioned as the capital of several Russian principalities. Suzdal lost its political status in the 16th century with the rise of Moscovite Tzars. After loosing the political importance the town instead became a major religious centre with numerous monasteries and remarkable churches. Its religious architectural heritage is extraordinary, with more than 30 churches and 5 monasteries, each decorated in its own way.

During the time of the Soviet Union, nearly all of Suzdal's economy was planned around its tourist potential. A number of wooden structures from other parts of Russia were transported here, and the whole city was converted into an 'open-air museum'. Today, the town operates as an important tourist center, featuring many fine examples of old Russian architecture. By law there are no structures higher than 2 stories in town (except cathedrals). Very few modern buildings were constructed in Suzdal which still have a look of a small village with a pastoral provincial charm.

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