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Listvyanka is small settlement with 1600 residents, located 65 km south-east from Irkutsk and is the most convenient point for reaching Baikal Lake.

On the road to Listvyanka there's Shaman-rock, sneaking out of Angara river, it is considered to be a sacred stone. In Summer time foot-walks along the shore of Baikal and a path through the hills are very nice. Alternatively, renting horses for the whole day or rafting trips are popular among tourists. In winter snowmobiles are available for rent, as well as ski or dog sledging.

The climate is sharply continental, with warm temperature in the summer and brutally cold winter. However, Lake Baykal influences the climate, so temperatures in Listvyanka are not as extreme as elsewhere in Siberia. The warmest month of the year is July with the average temperature 18 °C. Usual temperature in January is -20°C, sometimes it falls bellow -30°C.

Wooden church.

Local time is 5 hours ahead of Moscow and 8 hours ahead of Greenwich (GMT +8).

It takes about 1 hour to get from Irkutsk to Listvyanka by car.  Listvyanka is also can be reached by bus or by ferry from Irkutsk. Irkutsk is 5200 km away from Moscow and it takes 75 hours to get from Moscow to Irkutsk by train or 6 hours by plane. Airport “Irkutsk” is the largest airport in Eastern Siberia, connected with major cities in Siberia and the whole country as well.

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