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Paraskeva Pyatnitsy's Church.

City at a glance
Krasnoyarsk is an administrative center of vast Krasnoyarsk Krai (part of Sibir Federal District) and the third largest city in Siberia with population about 940 thousand people. Besides it is the largest Siberian port on the Enisey River which is a border between Eastern and Western Siberia. Krasnoyarsk is nearly 4000 km away from Moscow and it is a midway point of the Trans-Siberian railway. The Enisey River flows from west to east through the city and the railway crosses the river by one of the most famous bridges in Asia. To the south and west, Krasnoyarsk is surrounded by forested hills averaging 410 meters in height above river level. Further south are the gigantic rock cliffs of the Stolby Nature Reserve rising from the surrounding hills.

The average air temperature in January is −15°C and + 18°C in July. Due to the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric dam 32 kilometers upstream, the Enisey never freezes in winter.

Local time is 4 hours ahead of Moscow and 7 hours ahead of Greenwich (GMT +7).

Krasnoyarsk is served by Emelyanovo airport, located 37 km northwest of the city. Emelyanovo has connections with almost every major airport in Russia. It takes about 4.5 hours to get there from Moscow by plane and nearly 3 days (60 hours) by train. Train from Ekaterinburg goes 33 hours, from Novosibirsk — 12.5 hours, overnight train goes from Tomsk and Lesosibirsk. 

Pokrovsky сathedral. Railway station.

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