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General information

Pavilion of Ostrovsky.

City at a glance
Kostroma is one of the oldest Russian towns, an administrative, cultural and industrial center of Kostroma region and a major point of the Golden Ring route. The city is located at the confluence of Volga and Kostroma rivers, 340 km north-east of Moscow. There are about 278 thousand people living in Kostroma. Kostroma is the native land of delicious cheese, fine linen clothes and is a jewelry capital of Russia. Many memorable places of Kostroma are connected with outstanding historic figures, like poet Nicolai Nekrasov, artist Boris Kustodiev, creator of the Moscow Tretyakov Gallery Pavel Tretyakov, philosopher Vasily Rozanov.  Kostroma is a birthplace of Snegurochka (the Snow Maiden), a unique character of Russian fairy-tales and a helper of Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost, a Russian Santa Claus) during his busy season on New Year eve. The version of Snegurochka’s story was written by famous Russian playwright Alexander Ostrovsky (original Kostromite) with incidental music by Petr Tchaikovsky.


Kostroma managed to remain the charm of the old trading all-Russia center and to keep its historical center intact. Kostroma will celebrate its 860-anniversary in 2012.

The Resurrection Сhurch in the Forest.

The climate and the local time (GMT +3) are the same as in Moscow. The climate is continental, with warm temperature in the summer (+20°C) and usual temperature in winter about -15°C.

Kostroma is an important transport node.
Many trains go to Kostroma daily from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yaroslavl. Overnight train from Moscow arrives early in the morning. The road of Federal status “Moscow — aterinburg” passes through Kostroma, so city is easily accessible by car or by intercity bus. It will take 8 and a half hours to reach Kostroma from Moscow and 16 and a half hours — from Saint-Petersburg.
A local airport and a river port with cruise boats and hydrofoils circulating between Yaroslavl, Ples and Kostroma operate in the city. Hydrofoils departs daily, it takes about 2 hours to reach Kostroma from Yaroslavl.

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