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Irkutsk is an old Russian city situated in Eastern Siberia on a picturesque bank of the Angara River, which flows out of lake Baikal. With population around 600 thousand people it is one of the largest cities in Siberia and an administrative center of Irkutsk region. Irkutsk is 5200 km away from Moscow and it takes 75 hours to get from Moscow to Irkutsk by train or 6 hours by plane. Irkutsk is an important business center of Siberia and one of the main Trans-Siberian railway junctions. Irkutsk is a starting point for expeditions and tours to Baikal lake as is only 1 hour ride (65 km) from it. The central market of the city is famous for its fabulous fish rows with all types of Baykal lake fish selling there. 

The climate is sharply continental, with warm temperature in the summer and brutally cold winter. However, Lake Baykal takes its effect, so temperatures in Irkutsk are not as extreme as elsewhere in Siberia. The warmest month of the year in Irkutsk is July, when the average temperature is 18 °C. Usual temperature in January is about -20°C, sometimes it falls bellow -30°C. Construction of Irkutsk Hydroelectric Station on Angara river in 1950th has changes the climate in Irkutsk and its suburbs to less continental.

Lake Baikal and Shaman rock.

Local time is 5 hours ahead of Moscow and 8 hours ahead of Greenwich (GMT +8).

Airport “Irkutsk” is 8 km away from the center of the city. The largest airport of Eastern Siberia, it’s connected with major cities in Siberia and the whole country as well. About 10 flights from Moscow, Frankfurt (over Moscow), Japan, China and Mongolia are landing in the airport daily. By Trans-Siberian railway trains arrive from Moscow (4 days), Ekaterinburg (2,5 days), Vladivostok (3 days), Peking (2 days), Ulan-Bator (1 night).

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