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Golden Ring 

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The Golden Ring refers to a 700km long route around architectural and artistic riches of old Russian towns which is еру most enchanting way of learning more about Russia. It forms a circle of big and small old towns preserved their great historical and architectural wonders. This is the ancient heart of Russia as it was many centuries ago. The fortress walls made of white stone, golden onions of the domes, bell rings of the monasteries, frescoes and icons — the Golden Ring give a chance to catch the spirit of the medieval Rus. Due to immense restoration work done, genuine masterpieces of Russian art are revealed for public.

Having been founded in the 11–12th centuries, the towns of Vladimir, Suzal, Rostov played a significant role in Russia’s early history. Vladimir, founded as a fortress by Prince Vladimir Monomakh, later became capital of Grand Principality. The Prince’s son Yury Dolgoruky known as the founder of Moscow set up a number of new towns in the area, among them are Pereslavl-Zalessky, Kostroma, Yuriev-Polsky. Simultaneously, as was common practice of those days, Orthodox churches and monasteries sprang to serve both as spiritual centers and fortresses for the local people.

Each town along the way has an individual charm , giving the visitors the feeling of Russian provincial life: more slow, calm and peaceful than overcrowded and busy Moscow. In Golden Ring towns the way life is more traditional and less westernized. It’s a good chance to take a brake from the noise of the capital and experience the hospitality of local people.

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