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Aivazovsky and Great marine painters 


On March 23rd at 17.00 at the Academy of watercolour and fine arts will start the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Aivazovsky and the great russian marine painters" from funds of the Central naval Museum in St. Petersburg.

Guests of the opening exchibition in the Academy the will be able to know, how the genre of Russian Marina appeared, trace its development, enjoy the sea views and feel the spirit of the battle scenes.

The exhibition features graphic and pictorial works by leading artists-marine painters: I.K. Aivazovsky, A.P. Bogolyubov and his students, L. D. Blinov, N. N. Gritsenko, and A. V. Hansen, P. N. Wagner, Albert Benois, and others.

The exhibition will be held from 23rd March to 15th May at the Museum of watercolour of the Academy of watercolors and fine arts at the street of Academician Vargi, 15.

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