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General information

The white-stoned Kremlin.

The capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, is the big scientific, economic and educational centre of Volga region. For more than 1000 years Kazan played a significant role in political, commercial and cultural interconnections between the East and the West.

Being the city of unique cultural heritage, Kazan is included in the World Heritage Cities List and has been awarded with a medal of the UNESCO. In 2004 Kazan was named “The best city of Russia” and became the winner of Russian public award “Russian National Olympus”. In 2009 Kazan received the title of “Russia’s third capital”. Also Kazan is proud to be acknowledged as unofficial jazz capital of Russia and capital of tatars all over the world.

Kazan is a full member of Worldwide Federation of Related Cities, Organization of the Cities of Worldwide Heritage, International Association of Related Cities, European Association of Historic Cities and Regions, Union of Russian Cities.

Location and communication
Kazan is situated in the northwest of Tatarstan, in the place of junction of Volga and Kazanka rivers, within the distance of 797 km east of Moscow.

Street of Kazan.

The climate of Kazan is temperate-continental with warm summer (about +19 C in July) and to some extent frosty winter (down to -14 C on January). The Kazan city landscapes are attractive all year around.

Kazan is the largest port on the Volga River and big railway, motorway and airway junction with regular flights to Europe and biggest cities of Russia. The way from Moscow to Kazan takes 1 hour 20 minutes by plane or 10 hours by train. Underground, tram, trolleybus, bus and taxi are the main means of public transport in the city.

Cellular communication is provided by 7 operators, using GSM900/1800, CDMA, DAMPS  standards. Mobile operators plan to launch 3G network in nearest future.
Kul Sharif mosquel.
There are 28 Internet providers in Kazan, offering cable and wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet access.

Population and language
Population of Kazan exceeds 1,2 million people, including 41% of young citizens under 30. Kazan is a capital of a multi-national republic; you can hear speech of more than 100 nationalities here. State languages are Russian and Tatar.

It is impossible to imagine the spiritual life of the city without Tatar national holidays, such as Sabantui, Nauruz and Day of the republic, which is celebrated on August, 30 and combines both ancient customs and new image of the Kazan city.

Shops, restaurants and banks of Kazan accept for payment cash and all types of credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Maestro, Cirrus). Nowadays Kazan is on one of the first places by quantity of banks in Russia. State and commercial banks, branches of large international and Russian banks work in the city.

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